Microsoft Argo's Final Name: The Zune?

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Our inboxes are on fire with brand new information about the new Microsoft MP3 player. We thought the player was code-named "Argo", but we now got word that the final product name that's been flying around is the "Zune"!

The pic on the right seems to be the final design, which makes the player very clean—a definite departure from Microsoft's other endeavors. You all remember the video Microsoft's own people made to illustrate their packaging shortcomings? Well, it seems like they haven't learned much, as our tipster tells us the packaging itself is pretty ugly.


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Our mole also says there's no game menu to be seen on the device, putting those rumors of portable gaming from Xbox branding in possible jeopardy. More game options possibly coming in the 2nd iteration.

There's also mention of a black version of the Zune, being shown on a music video for the band CSS, and the brown version on the cover for "Band of Horses". You can display Album covers for the song you're listening to on the screen, which is "big enough" and looks "pretty good". Paul Oakenfold also has a tie-in deal.


From the looks of things, the Zune will definitely be ready for a Xmas release.

We'll have more information plus possibly the logo and/or UI Shots tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Thanks Tipster!

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Poor Microsoft, always wearing last year's prom dress. Apple is just waiting to rain on Bill's parade with their gen. 6 wide-screen iPod. The multi touch patents weren't for nothing folks, and why do you need to know what more than one finger is doing? Oh, I don't know, maybe it has something to do with every handheld gaming device ever made requiring you to touch more than one button at a time.

"Bakafish, you're smoking the crack!" Yeah, but it's the good quality stuff. This MiPod is totally derivative, haven't we seen about a million different variations on the iPod? Just because MS is behind it we are all supposed to slaver like mewling kittens? Sorry, the Steve is cooking up the real Cat Chow my friends. Made from 100% touch screen goodness, just in time to bury this second rate kludge job under the sea of has been wannabe's that came before it.