Microsoft Bores Us with First Vista Commercial

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There are very few commercials out there that I like. Microsoft's new Vista ad isn't one of them. Aside from having a corporate propaganda kinda feel to it, it does nothing to sell me on the new OS. Rather than helping us "see the difference," it shows us a bunch of people parading back and forth with goofy smiles on their faces.


I'm not saying you have to sex up an ad to make it work (though it never hurts), but tell me why I should care about Vista. At least Windows 95 had the Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up," which was a nice way of highlighting the OS' new "Start" button. This Vista ad needs something like that. Some creativity. What do you guys think?

First Ever Vista Commercial [via New Launches]



ronnsprocket -

I'd say you're doing pretty well... I'm running an AMD 4200+ with an NVidia G-force somethingerother 256Mb and 1 Gig of RAM, and i can only run one or two mail clients and one or two IE explorer windows before it starts to slow down and have bugs... for instance if i have too many IE windows open, i lose right-click ability. I don't see how this would be related to RAM, but that is the only time i lose that. I also can't open task manager to close programs! I purchased 2 Gb of Corsair RAM (2x1 Gb matched), and it fixed all of THOSE problems... (still have other issues).

But this isn't a "Vista bugs" thread, so i'll stop there. Again, i LOVE the interface, just wish the OS wasn't so buggy.

And i agree with those that said the commercial was earmarked for corporate america, not the home user.