Rumor: Supermodel Poses for Next Apple Ads?

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Has Apple has decided to show its fanboys what a real woman looks like? Rumor has it that the company has enlisted the services of sizzling Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen for its next ad campaign.

Apparently that calculatedly scruffy Mac user and his overweight nerd-like PC counterpart weren't quite attractive enough for the Cupertino Fruit Company. Taking a look at the nubile nymphet Gisele Bündchen's website, there is a mention of a project where she worked with Apple, adding credence to the scuttlebutt (pardon my Portuguese translation):

"Gisele photographed a campaign for a line of Apple computers, Mac (Macintosh) in the United States."


The story goes that all the MacBooks got overheated on the shoot, and that sales are supposed to grow 200% after the photos are unveiled from this alleged shoot. But we're not buying that part of the rumor saying she posed with a giant banana for Apple. Please, make it not true.

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