Microsoft's Michael Mercieca is in trouble for sexual harassment, and the ensuing investigation has kicked up a potential shitstorm for a fellow employee over some awful comments about the Japanese tsunami, the Telegraph reports. Thanks, Mike!

"I would have zero pity for Japan. I would push them right under the bus and create another tsunami." Do those sound like the words of a guy who is going to keep his job? Probably not, if the alleged statement really was uttered by one of Mercieca's coworkers—another company executive. Microsoft has denounced—though not denied—the disgusting dig at Japan: "Microsoft would find any comment of this nature to be deplorable and in no way representative of our culture and values, let alone our response to this natural disaster to which the company and our employees have donated significant sums to aid relief efforts."


Yeah, it's deplorable. So, did someone say it, or not? [Telegraph]

Update: A previous version of this post incorrectly attributed the Japan remark to Mercieca himself.

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