Microsoft Juices Its Surface Book With More Power and 16-Hour Battery Life

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Microsoft blew our minds last year when it announced the Surface Book—and its crazy detachable display. This year, the company’s refreshing the product, and claims it has stuffed two times as much processing power and 30 percent more battery life in the exact same design.

The battery life sounds pretty killer: 16 hours. The extra processing power also makes the new Surface Book three times more powerful than a 13-inch MacBook Pro, according to Microsoft.


But the company didn’t announce any specific specs beyond that. We can assume that the improved battery performance relies on Intel’s Skylake i7 processor, but we don’t know. It’s unclear what graphic chipset the more powerful models will use, though we should know the details soon enough. Update: The new i7 model will come with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M graphics card, making it powerful enough for gaming. You can read the full specs here.


Here’s the bad news. The top new Surface Book costs $2,400. But you can get the basic model for $1,500. Pre-orders start today, and the new Surface Book will start shipping in November.

Correction: An earlier version of this post said that the new Surface Book came with a Kaby Lake processor. It is, in fact, a Skylake.