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Microsoft Releases 512MB Xbox 360 Memory Card

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember when you thought you were being all responsible by saving $100 and getting an Xbox 360 Core system instead of the full setup? Boy, you felt so smart until you got home, hooked it up, and realized that you had nowhere to save your games or download Xbox Live Arcade games and demos. D'oh!

Well, guess what, dumbass? You now have the opportunity to spend $50 on a 512MB memory card for your Xbox 360, as they're now available. Yes, you saved $100 by not getting the version with a 20GB hard drive, and now Microsoft wants you to spend $50 on a card that can hold 1/40th of the space of that HDD. Who's fiscally responsible now? That'll teach you to not give Microsoft every damned penny that they ask for.


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