Microsoft Releasing Faster Xbox 360 Dashboard This Year

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Did anyone else notice? When NXE launched, it was pretty quick. But it's just gotten slower...and slower. (Thanks ads!) Luckily, Microsoft is admitting there's an issue and has a plan to fix it.

During his last podcast, Xbox spokesperson/kind guidance counselor Major Nelson revealed that a "faster" dashboard update would be coming later this year with "a lot of very cool new features." (We're guessing those features include apps like Twitter and the capability to stream 1080p content—both shown off at E3—though some other unexpected goodies would be welcome.)


Of course, many have already forgotten that NXE promised to end these seasonal dashboard updates, allowing new features to unroll all year. Apparently that's just not happening. But hey, a faster dash in 2009! [Major Nelson via CVG via Kotaku]