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Microsoft Shows Off Finger/Stylus Combo Multitouch Magic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

For many touch screen applications, fingers are your best bet. For others, the precision of a stylus is required. Microsoft shows how using both in conjunction might be the best option of all, delivering users to digital scrapbook nirvana.

The demo shows how a finger and a stylus can be used together to manipulate digital objects in a variety of interesting ways, quickly copying them, stacking them, slicing them or tearing them apart.


"Manual Deskterity"—that's the name of the software, not the person who created it—is here shown on a Microsoft Surface display, though this type of thing seems awfully well-suited for the type of scrapbook interface we saw in Microsoft Courier leaks last November. [YouTube - Thanks, Martian Yeti]