Microsoft Zune: Paying off the Industry One Label at a Time

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It appears Microsoft has struck a deal with Universal Music giving them a portion of the sales from every Zune they sell. This undermines the traditional strategy created by Apple where music labels received money from song downloads, and not player sales. Microsoft has also said that similar offers are on the table for other labels as well. Way to go.


I can see why they wanted to sweeten the pot just to make sure they got Universal onboard (Universal controls 1/3 of all music sold), but why did they need to try and make this standard procedure by offering it to the rest of the industry. Once again Microsoft kills the party for everyone else.

Microsoft Strikes Deal For Music [NYTimes]



how is this not bad for consumers? Now people will have to pay extra for this thing just because someone at Universal thinks everyone is a pirate. They'll STILL have to pay per-song for the music from universal on top of this extra tariff.

If the things came pre-loaded with music, or came with a coupon for 100 free songs with purchase, I could see a record company wanting a piece of that pie, but you can't charge a consumer for what they *might* do with their product. For all the boneheads at universal know, people might use the things solely as portable HDs, impractical but possible, or as doorstops or tiny dancefloors for hamsters and gerbils... who knows. It certainly isn't up to the manufacturer to dictate a product's only use. I wasn't planning on buying one before and I'm not even going to look at them now.