Microwave Vending Machine Serves Up Hot and Cold Snacks

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The guilt of spending your college years dining from vending machines could be a thing of the past with a new model that serves up a piping hot meal alongside a cold drink. A company called EatWave Vending has created a refrigerated machine with a microwave inside, letting it automatically nuke pre-packaged items like burritos and sandwiches.


Since the machine is built on a standard chassis it can be configured to stock all of the standard vending machine snack fare. But with the microwave built-in the food is always sealed in its packaging which helps avoid the pitfalls of a shared oven that usually ends up looking and smelling disgusting on the inside.

With a price tag creeping up on $12,000 the new EatWave model might seem expensive, but this is one of those investments that will most definitely pay for itself over time. Unless you see this as the perfect replacement for every appliance in your kitchen. [Market Watch via Ubergizmo]

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Compared to the vending machines I saw in Europe most American vending machines are tame. Wonder why that is?