Millions in California, Arizona and Mexico Without Power

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Much of California, Arizona and Mexico is in the dark right now due to a massive power outage. There's no word on the cause yet, but officials say that the lights may not be back on until Friday.


A California nuclear plant has been shut down as a precaution, and the cities of Phoenix Yuma and San Diego are, essentially, a giant mess. While we don't know what caused this yet (weather and a downed line are both being put forward as possibilities) that an outage could affect such a large area is yet another argument that our nation's grid is in serious need of improvement.

Good luck, folks! I hope your lights come back on soon! [L.A. Times and Arizona Star and AZ Central]


Photo: Per Ola Wiberg

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Nerd alert:

I'm in San Diego and my power's been out for 3.5 hours, but I'm:

1. Running my computer and AT&T uverse internet off my car battery (with an inverter, occasionally running the car to ensure the battery is topped off)

2. AT&T has been up and down, couldn't rely on my iphone for communication purposes

3. My grundig radio has been my most consistent source of information

4. My local bar IS open and serving cocktails, cash only

5. It's awful hot, but there's a nice breeze with the windows open.

6. I've got my backup battery (for jump starting my car) to run the fan tonight (again, via the inverter) - don't know how long it will last

Lot's of fun!