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Mimo 710-S Monitor Flips Shut to Go Portable

Illustration for article titled Mimo 710-S Monitor Flips Shut to Go Portable

If you're looking for a tiny, extra monitor, Nanovision makes some utilitarian Mimo-branded gear. But now their latest 710-S monitor adds a bit of flare to the mix.


The Mimo 710-S is the "Mobile Slider" edition of their existing line, a 7-inch, 800x480 USB monitor that opens like a clamshell and rotates 90 degrees depending on your viewing preference. The catch? It costs $20 more than the existing Mimo 710 to attain this new portable formfactor. So if you're not planning to travel with it, you can probably save a few bucks on an older model.


Look for the 710-S when it's released later this month for $150. [Mimo via Everything USB via DVICE via Engadget]

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Yes! I've been looking for a portible 2nd monitor for ages. Desktop monitors=impossible to store/transport. Why not make a labtopless monitor that is easilly portible with a slim form factor? This is too small for my taste, but a very good idea. Next up: 13 inch version with regular power/DVI plugs, please.