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Mini Slasher Musical Movie Inspired by Macs Vs PCs Debate

Forget the old Macs Vs PCs rap and its slightly worn-out ilk, this has to be my new fave geek-inspired musical tribute. If only for its Dusk Till Dawn-alike transformation into a slasher gore-fest after a few minutes. Seriously—beating someone to death with a MacBook? Strange stuff. There's just one flaw taking the shine off its geek status: the iPhone doesn't have a flash, guys! [YouTube Thanks David!]


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That was fairly cool,

But I think they need to cut out the first 1:30 and the last 4 min.

Musicals are just a waste of film. If I wanted to see 10% story 90% singing that has absolutely nothing to do with the story and is just a sorry excuse to not have to write more real content, I'd go to a Broadway show.