Misguided DIY-er Severs His Own Arm with a Homemade Guillotine

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You presumably deal with a lot of weird stuff when you work at a urology clinic. But dealing with a walk-in patient who's severed his arm with a homemade guillotine is probably a new one.

The man in Bellingham, Washington, was living in a transient camp near the clinic when he used his guillotine to lop off his arm just below the shoulder, after which he strolled into the clinic to receive treatment. When police went to the camp where the man had been living, they found the missing arm and the guillotine, which they say was built with "2-by-6s at least 12 feet long, a few 2-by-4s and a construction-grade cutting device that was 2-feet-by-3-feet and half-an-inch thick." The man told police the wound was self-inflicted, and the gauze and tape they found near the guillotine pretty much jives with that story.

The man was airlifted to a hospital to try to have his arm reattached, but his status isn't known. The guillotine itself was dismantled with a chainsaw in what is probably the baddestass intersection of cutting devices the town of Bellingham will see for the rest of the year. [King5 via Fark, Washington Post, Seattle Times]