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Mitt Romney's favorite book has changed from Battlefield Earth to Twilight. An improvement?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Perennial GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney caused a stir in 2007 when he said he really loved L. Ron Hubbard's notoriously awful Battlefield Earth. (The book, not the movie.) So this time around, he came up with a better choice.

Talking to NBC News, Romney explained he really liked the Twilight series. As quoted by Talking Points Memo:

"Last book I read was a novel called The Rule Of Nines, which was just fun...a more serious book, I finished President Bush's book, Decisions, and enjoyed that very much," said Romney. "I like silly stuff, too. I mean, I like the Twilight series. That was fun."

"You like vampires?" asked Gangel.

"I don't like vampires personally — I don't know any," Romney responded, tongue in cheek. "But you know, my granddaughter was reading it. And I thought, well this looks like fun. So I read that."