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The Kyouei Design house has come up with the fantastically titled, Mobile Light, which incorporates a small solar panel bed at one end and a light at the other. Activation is automatically instigated once the ambient light levels fall below a certain threshold, which ensures the stored energy is put to good use quickly. Sure, it may not output enough of the bright stuff for you to make it down the stairs safely, read a book in bed or take a piss without dribbling all about the floor/toilet rim, but that's what the main lights are for.


The Mobile Light says you are sophisticated, environmentally conscious, as well as being hot on interior design. The only reason you would want to portray these qualities is because your over-styled bachelor pad has seen more lonely nights than you care to remember, and you're hoping a hottie will say, "Gosh, you're stylish, want to have sex?" It's not gonna happen. [Kyouei Design]


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