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Mobile Spy Cams Frame You for Murders They Commit

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Government spy cameras are a common feature in science fiction, suggesting a future where citizens are under near-constant surveillance. But in the upcoming film Eyeborgs, cameras cease to be a mere symbol of government oppression and step into the limelight as full-fledged villains. In a pair of new trailers, the errant eyeborgs try to take down Adrian Paul and Danny Trejo while broadcasting transmitting a very different image to the US government.

B-movie director Richard Clabaugh co-wrote and directed the film, in which the War on Terror takes a bizarre and unexpected turn. To improve its domestic intelligence, the US government rolls out a line of roving surveillance bots called "Eyeborgs," which are designed to monitor everyday American life. Initially, the wandering cams are viewed as an acceptable annoyance, but questions arise when it appears the Eyeborgs are capable of fabricating videos and sometimes take a more "hands on" approach with their subjects. Adrian Paul plays a Homeland Security agent who finds himself unraveling the Eyeborg mystery. And, judging from the trailers, Danny Trejo's role in the film is to beat the Eyeborgs while shouting robot-themed insults at them.



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