MobileMe Website is Up, One Day of Awkwardness Late

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So we showed it to you briefly yesterday, but then MobileMe turned around and seemed to bite the Apple that made it, and has been unavailable until just now. Can we assume more technical hitches than its developers had anticipated? Yes, I think we can, particularly given Apple's "it's taking longer than expected" error message. But now it's up, and since the iPhone has already been on sale in some places for nearly a whole day, that can only be good news. Update: There's a getting started tour, which didn't appear to be there yesterday. Everything else works as anticipated. []


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Mobile Me is a complete Pig in a Poke. This is the worst case yet of apple exaggeration and downright false advertising, i have scorued the apple site and other mac forums for answers to this but apple are playing dumb.

Firstly all that syncing eye candy that was recently demonstarted ONLY works with an or an email account. If apple were honest and open this simple statement would save many people a lot of hassle and money.

Please tell me how is this "Exchange for the rest of us"

This statememnt alone suggests that you can have the power and push and syncing of an exchange server.... oh but we forgot to mention....only if you use our branded email address. What a load of crap.