Modder Discovers Eee PC 901 is Most Hackable Yet

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Just yesterday we brought you the cheap Eee 701 touchscreen hack, and now it looks like the same guy who did that mod has been ferreting around inside an Eee 901, with some unexpected results. In fact, it looks like the 901 is even more moddable than the earlier models, with some extra functions inside the case waiting to be adapted.


• There's room for a 1.8-inch hard drive, or maybe an SSD, with a waiting ZIF connector nearby

• There's also space for a SIM card

• And, best of all, there's a PCI-e slot going begging


This sounds like a modder's dream: you easily could supe-up the Eee with another solid state drive or a large HDD. Maybe you could even jam something like a 3G HSPDA card in that PCI slot. One remaining complication is that the 901 still treats the SSD as two drives, one about 4GB in size and storing the OS. That might make dual-boot installations somewhat tricky, but presumably it's not an insurmountable problem.

Of course, all this extra stuff is a hint that Asus itself may have plans to include these features in the future. But until then, fire up your screwdrivers and soldering irons, guys! [ via Liliputing]