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This week Modest Mouse announced it would be releasing a full studio album in 2015. Seeing this news put my world on pause for a few minutes until I could internalize every word of it. The world hasn't had new Modest Mouse music for five years now, and for some reason, this news had be playing the band's first studio album on repeat the entire week.


This Is a Long Drive For Someone With Nothing to Think About, other than being one of the longest titles of any album ever, is also one of Modest Mouse's best. When I'm usually in the mood for Isaac Brock's great vocals and songwriting, I go straight for Lonesome Crowded West, largely regarded as Modest Mouse at its finest. But there's something I've always loved about this freshmen album—the rawness and pure emotion in it. It is simply wonderful.

Opening with "Dramamine" and never slowing down from there, This Is a Long Drive would ironically be my soundtrack when, you guessed it, I'd go on road trips, particularly around the midwest where I grew up. Brock's lyrics on this album have always been introspective as if peering into some unknown part of you that you never knew existed. "Custom Concern" is the perfect example.

It's true that I long for old Modest Mouse. Each new album comes with more and more spit shine and some of the raw quality of those earlier records are lost. But a world without new Modest Mouse has been a cold and dreary place. It's great to have them back. [Spotify]


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