MOG's FreePlay Lets You Listen to Music Without Paying For It

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Starting tomorrow, MOG users will have access its 11 million song library for free with no monthly usage cap—as long as they're willing to put up with ads and actively interact with other users.

Think of MOG's new "FreePlay" service as Pandora's ads meets Dropbox's incentives. MOG assigns users of the services a "virtual gas tank" of play time, which is interrupted every so often with ads. As they use the service more, share music with other users, and invite their friends through social networks, they earn more play time in the tank. While Spotify's free service has a 10-hour monthly cap, MOG's FreePlay theoretically never runs out. Play how MOG wants you to play and the dream of free on demand music can be yours. Otherwise, you can pay for one of its previously existing services.


MOG currently offers a free trial of its paid monthly plans, which are very similar to those offered by Spotify: $5 for unlimited, ad-free access via web or desktop client and $10 to add mobile devices. New Freeplay users will get 60 days without ads, but MOG's hope, of course, is that you'll be hooked and upgrade to one of their paid services before that ad-free trial runs out. Nobody's managed to create a freemium music plan for mobile just yet, but hopefully that's not too far around the corner. [MOG]