Moneual's Hybrid Mopping Robot Vacuum Remembers Every Spot It's Missed

Following hot on the heels of the Rydis H67 released just a few months ago, Moneual has revealed an updated version of its Roomba challenger with the Rydis H68 that introduces a capacious built-in reservoir—the largest on the market it claims—for holding cleaning agents, and a new system for more efficiently cleaning a room. Using 42 omni-directional sensors the bot automatically scans a room, tracks its own position, and then maps out the most efficient route that covers as much of the floor as possible.


Like the H67, the H68 features a microfiber cleaning pad on the underside, but with this upgraded model the pad can be automatically moistened with whatever cleaning agent you prefer. So throughout its entire cleaning routine the pad stays wet and your floors actually get a good mopping. The previous version required you to dampen it manually, and over time it would just dry out.

Available sometime this spring, the H68 can be set to only mop a floor, only vacuum a floor, or do both all in the same pass. And to ensure that floors actually get clean, the vacuum has a Deep Clean mode which has it criss-crossing your floors first vertically, and then horizontally, going over every inch twice. And if you're dealing with the aftermath of a particularly raucous party, it even has a Double Deep Clean mode which repeats the second cleaning pass so floors are left—hopefully—spotless. [Moneual]

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