Mopping Is No Longer a Chore With a Penguin Gliding Across Your Floor

Even if you get a lot of satisfaction from standing back and looking at your freshly cleaned home, no one really likes all the work needed to get to that point. And while there are countless products promising to make cleaning easier, maybe we need to start focusing on making it more enjoyable, and this adorable penguin accessory is a pretty great start.

The plush version of everyone's favorite flightless bird can actually be used with almost any mop since a hole through its torso lets it simply slide down the handle. But for the best effect, using it with those flat dusting mops will make it look like this little penguin is gliding across your floors on its belly. Adorable. It's available from Japan's Felissimo for around $30, which means you'll have to import it, or find and gut a stuffed penguin toy to make your own. [Felissimo via Spoon & Tamago]


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