More News About BSG's Big Acid Flashback

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Once all of Battlestar Galactica's secrets are revealed in the final batch of episodes, we'll look back to the show's beginning and rediscover events in a whole new way. Some more details have trickled out about the TV movie that's going to air after the series ends, including some new guest stars. And Edward James Olmos has a promise for you about the tail end of Admiral Adama's journey. Minor spoilers ahead.The Cylon-focused TV movie, titled "The Plan," starts filming on Monday according to the Chicago Tribune's Watcher blog. And more casting details have been revealed. In addition to Chief Tyrol, Sam Anders and Brother Cavil, who star in it, we'll also get to see some other Cylons: Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, Rick Worthy, Matthew Bennett and Callum Keith Rennie. Also, we'll get glimpses of other secret Cylons Saul Tigh and Tory Foster, but we don't see that much of them. Also, Watcher says there's still no decision on picking up the BSG prequel, Caprica, as a series, despite the order for additional scripts. Meanwhile, did you like the stuff in the last episode where Admiral Adama was crying and freaking out? You did? Good, because here's how Edward James Olmos describes Adama's state of mind in the final batch of episodes:

He does break down, he goes to the bottom of the pit and just squirms around in there and it's really difficult for him to carry on.


Olmos adds that Adama's final arc is "just sad," but that the Admiral does learn a lot. Finally, Sci Fi Channel VP Mark Stern tells Huffington Post the twelfth and final Cylon is "delicious." Meaning that the revelation makes sense and feels as though it's been set up carefully throughout the series. Or maybe just meaning yummy, I don't know. [Chicago Tribune and SciFiNow and HuffingtonPost]


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Ummm, why are the first three people involved there via character names, then the next batch are all named by their actors, and the last two are by their character names again?