More Radioactive Dirt Found Almost 40 Miles from Fukushima

Japanese officials have announced the discovery of even more radioactive material beyond the confines of the Fukushima plant, this time a staggering 38 miles away. The material in question is strontium—and although detected in low levels, is dangerous.

Strontium 90 is particularly concerning, as it replaces calcium in the body's skeleton, emitting beta rays from within, and has a half-life of 50 days. Not something you want in your dirt. [Kyodo News and Mainichi]

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yippee - gotta love that clean nuclear energy...

yeah, yeah I know - coal plants kill more people through pollution. But if a coal plant gets hit by a tsunami 38 miles from my house - I'm not going to have radioactive bones.

sorry - just had to.. but don't want to reignite the pro/con nuke flame war.