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We had a conference call with T-Mobile this morning and got some additional info on the T-Mobile myFaves service that you undoubtedly already saw ads for on TV.


If you're buying a new T-Mobile phone now, all models are going to be myFaves enabled. You can tell whether the phone you're getting is a myFaves phone by looking at the back for the 5-spotted myFaves symbol. If you're lucky, some phones sold in August (and a few all the way back to June) had this symbol and can be updated OTA, over-the-air style. You can visit your T-Mobile dealer to check.

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They've also said that older phones won't be supporting the myFaves service, since it's very UI-centric with the five icons on your phone's screen. You can change your numbers once each calendar month, so there's no tomfoolery by changing numbers to get free calls.


One upcoming feature on the T-Mobile website that's worth noting is a tool to help you identify what numbers you make the most calls to, and then helping you set those as your five faves. But normal myFaves customization can be done on the phone itself or online.

This is a pretty sweet deal that we'd definitely use if our plan didn't expire in the year 2018.