Moshi iGlaze Nano Stickers

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Let's face it, iPod cases all kind of suck. You buy a gorgeous, super sleek iPod and then in the name of not getting it all horribly scratched up you then have to buy an ugly bulky case to cover it up, one that probably doesn't even fit in your pocket. So lame, right?


If you've got a Nano, you might just be in luck. Check out Moshi's new iGlaze —it's a high-gloss scratch-resistant false face that adheres to the front of your iPod with a polymer adhesive that leaves no residue when removed. The iGlaze is currently available in Obsidian Black and Milk White to match the Nanos on the market, and Kagami Mercury is a nice chrome to match the Nano's front to its back. If we have to put our money on a color to sell well though, then we're going with Sakura Pink, which'll make your Nano the same shade as the best-selling pink iPod Mini. At $27, the iGlaze may seem a little pricey, but then again those stupid iPod socks are $29...

Update: showmethegoods wrote in to say they'd had trouble with the first iGlaze they tried out; it stuck so strongly to the Nano that it cracked when they tried to remove it. Moshi is sending us an iGlaze for review purposes, we'll see how it goes for ourselves. Till you see our review, caveat emptor.


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