Mossberg Likes the Toshiba mini NB205 Netbook

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First J.Stern, now Walt Mossberg is charmed by the Toshiba—yes, Toshiba—netbook, the NB205. It lasts long, has a roomy keyboard. Seems like the one to get, hackintoshing aside. Always good when mainstreamers get surprise recommendations. [AllThingsD]



Jeff Glucker

I got my NB205 a few weeks ago, got the 2 gigs RAM, and had my office put MS Office on there.

I love it... it works perfectly for what I am using it for, doing some light work at home or just screwing around on the internet.

One funny side note; my wife was waiting for me as I was working out in the other room. She started up the netbook and has been addicted to it ever since - it has even caused her to join facebook, of which she was heavily against for the longest time... that part might not be good, but maybe I can turn her into a gadget geek? (She finally let me buy a new TV last week! Samsung LED LCD 40" 6500 series)