From churches to iOS glitch art, we found a wide variety of beautiful items on the internet this week. Sure, you're on the cusp of the weekend, but before you go, take a second to binge on some of the wonders of the worlds of art architecture, and design from the last few days.

Live With Your Parents In Style in This Split-Level Palace

One of the best parts of home ownership (I imagine) is having a place that's all to yourself. Unfortunately, in the beautiful Wall House you'd have to share some space, but when that space looks like this, it'd be hard to mind it.


This Concrete Ball Was Supposed to Be the Motel of the Future

In 1935, an inventor from Indiana devised a new way to build what he believed was the motel of the future. If William E. Urschel had had his way, tourists around the world would all be relaxing in these concrete golf-ball-looking structures by now. It's a good thing he didn't get his way.


This Building By Luxe Auto Designer Pininfarina Looks Like a Ferrari

Pininfarina: you may know it as the high-end Italian firm that designs fast, expensive cars like Ferraris. Now, for the first time, its designers are branching out into residential design with a condominium in Singapore. And it looks like the cars they design.


14 Gorgeous Wedding Venues in States Where Gay Marriage Is Legal

Yesterday, we celebrated after the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. But you know what a victory for marriage equality means? More weddings. And more places to celebrate them. Here are 12 beautiful chapels, gardens, and barns—one for each state where marriage is for all.


14 Underground Lairs Fit For a Mega-Villain

Batman had one under his mansion outside Gotham. Osama bin Laden was found in one just in Pakistan. Underground lairs are an integral part of pop culture fantasy and real-life current events—but whether they're fake or real, they're always cloaked in intrigue. And frankly, they're cool as hell.


This Ghostly, Abandoned NYC Island Could Become a Special Needs School

New York City’s North Brother Island has lived many past lives, as a shipwreck site, a smallpox clinic, a tuberculosis colony, and a drug rehab facility, for starters. The 20-acre island, which sits between the Bronx and Riker’s Island, has been abandoned since the 1970s. But two architecture students are hoping to…


A New Echolocation Algorithm Can Map Spaces Based on Sound Alone

There’s plenty of precedent for echolocation in the natural world: bats can navigate based on the echo of their chirrups; and blind humans, at least anecdotally, sometimes develop remarkable sound-based spatial skills. But using sound to accurately map a space in three dimensions? That’s new.


iOS Maps Atrocities? Nah, These Are Works of Art

We're all familiar with the, uh, pitfalls of Apple's iOS Maps app. But Peder Norrby, the founder of a Stockholm-based tech company calledTrapcode, has managed to capture some of the most bizarre 3D mapping glitches in high definition—turning them into lovely, surreal vignettes.


Pakistani Folk Art and US Drones Collide in These Ornate Paintings

Pakistani-American artist Mahwish Chishty was originally trained in painting miniatures in her native Lahore. But these days, Chishty is also emerging as a notable conceptual artist abroad, treading the potent line between Pakistani and American culture. Yesterday, in an interview with Mother Jones, Chishty discussed…