How can a thousand photos turn into a single timelapse? And what's it like inside an artificial cave 200 feet below Manhattan? The answer to both of these questions and more lie in the most beautiful items of the week.

Watch an Artist Turn Thousands of Photos Into a Single Imaginary Moment

Boston-based artist Pelle Cass turns thousands of images into beautiful time-lapse photographs for his series Selected People. It kind of feels like trick photography, but it takes a discerning eye, a quick trigger finger, and a lot of editing. Here's how he does it.

31 Levitating Vehicles From the Dawn of the Hovercraft

Hovercrafts are truly amazing vehicles: Whether on land, water, mud or ice, these air-cushioned craft rule the unpaved wilderness. And they were born from a wildly optimistic and experimental era of engineering—as reflected by these incredible early prototypes and designs.

The Skinniest Skyscraper In NYC Is One Step Closer To Reality

A building that could claim the title of the thinnest, tallest building in New York (and maybe the world) got a bit more real this week, after the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved the proposed 60-foot-wide design.

Oxford's Library Chooses Its First New Chair Design Since 1936

Oxford's Bodleian library—aka the Bod—is one of England's largest libraries, a 414-year-old research hub steeped in tradition and history. For example, only three types of chair have ever been designed for use inside its walls. Until now, that is: According to Co.Design, the library has chosen a fourth design to…

These Faceted Lamps Mimic the Molecular Structure of Crystals

One of the best parts of chemistry—for a math-deficient person like myself—were the wood-and-wire molecular models that appeared in class from time to time. Those days clearly made an impression on Berlin designer Daniel Becker, too: His new collection of lamps double as molecular models.

Why It Takes Ikea Five Years to Design One Kitchen

I’ve always daydreamed about what working at IKEA must be like: Creating whimsical reindeer-shaped furniture, testing new meatball recipes, and dreaming up adorable product names. But as the Wall Street Journal reveals today, the process of developing products at the world's largest furniture retailer is an epic,…

Banksy Sold $225,000 Worth of Art at a Central Park Stall for $420

You missed it. On Saturday, Banksy set up a nondescript stall on the edge of Central Park, where he sold stencilled prints for $60 a pop. The monkey with a sign, the guy with the flowers, the rat with the smirk—all the classics were there. Too bad nobody wanted them.

A Robotic Petting Zoo Is Just as Creepy-Awesome as it Sounds

Petting zoos are fun, but they can also be kind of sketchy. Is that rabbit being attacked by too many five-year-olds? Is that goat depressed? It's awkward. But if the tactile experience were coming from robots and AI you might really be able to enjoy yourself.

In An Artificial Cave 200' Beneath Central Park with Michael Bloomberg

At 5pm today, the complete Manhattan section of City Water Tunnel No. 3 became operational, sending drinking water through this colossal piece of subterranean infrastructure—under construction since 1970—for the very first time.

Tour 3 Unrealized Projects That Almost Gave Us A Very Different L.A.

It would appear that, as a country, we're experiencing some serious regret (or relief?) in examining plans for our cities that never came to fruition. San Francisco looked at its Unbuilt SF, a similar show opened in Washington D.C.last year, and out here in L.A.—the land of broken promises and shattered dreams—there's

Huge Machines Hurl Artificial Storms Deep Inside This NASA Hangar

The colossal wind tunnels at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, have been used for decades not only to test the aerodynamism of planes, but also to subject submarines to simulations of turbulence and drag in aquatic environments.