Illustration for article titled Motorized Stargate Pyramid Case Mod Makes My Sci-Fi Senses Giddy

This amazing case was built from scratch, and would surely make MacGyver—I mean Colonel Jack O'Neill—proud. Modeled after Stargate's Goa'uld Ha'tak starship, the HTPC has a 5-inch PSOne screen, and its lights and motorized door are remote-controlled.


It's one of the best case jobs I've seen in a long time. The system is built on a Mini-ITX Commell LV-677 mobo, and runs an Intel T7200 Core 2 Duo coupled with 2GB DDR memory. Graphics are served up by a GeForce 9400GT, and a 160GB hard disk stores the entertainment.

You can check out some of the build process in the video or higher-quality photos below. Modder Gup, I salute you. [TechPowerup via Geeky Gadgets]


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