Motorola Atrix vs LG Optimus 2X: Dual-Core Benchmark Battle Go!

The Motorola Atrix 4G and the LG Optimus 2X both feature the same Tegra 2 Chipset that uses the same 1.2 Ghz, dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor, the same GeForce ULP GPU and the same version of Android (2.2.1). Yet, when benchmarked, the Optimus 2X outgunned the Atrix in nearly every test (the Galaxy S even jumped ahead in a few of those). So what gives?


Despite the Optimus 2x having half the RAM, the higher resolution of the Atrix screen (960x540 compared to the 800x480 of the Optimus 2X) requires more resources from the guts of the phone, which seems to be the cause for the benchmark dips, indicating that processors matter more than memory in these things, especially when it comes to GPU-intensive tasks (the Atrix, however, did comeout on top when benchmarked for overall productivity and CPU performance). Check out the entire showdown ever at [Android and Me via BGR]

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