Illustration for article titled Motorola Building a Huge Development Team for Android, With 350 Humanoids

TechCrunch is reporting that Motorola is getting pretty serious about Android, with immediate plans to expand their dedicated project team from 50 to 350. If true, this could mark a turning point for Motorola, whose phones have been seeming less and less competitive every day. While putting more than a few eggs in Android's basket might not be advisable quite yet, our own succinct Brian Lam put it best: "Motorola hardware plus Android OS = WANT" (This is how he always talks, by the way). In case you were wondering what exactly that unfamiliar sound was, Motorola, I'll tell you. That was the sound of unbridled enthusiasm for one of your potential phones, AFTER 2004. Did you enjoy it? Then keep hiring. [TechCrunch]


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