Motorola Droid 2 Photos and Specs Leaked

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The folks at Droid Life have gotten their hands onto pictures of the Motorola Droid 2 along with some specs. Don't get too excited though, because appearance-wise the device is rather similar to the original Droid.


According to Droid Life, these are some of the Droid 2's guts:

-Android 2.1 (unless Verizon pumps out a last minute 2.2 update to it)
-3.7″ screen
-750MHz OMAP processor
-Wi-Fi tethering
-8GB internal
-8GB SD card preinstalled
-Updated keyboard
-5MP camera
-New version of Motoblur
-No HDMI port
-No front facing camera

There are more pictures and details over at Droid Life. [Droid Life via BGR]


In related news, Motorola is said to be prepping an iPhone 4 killer in the works: []