Motorola H700 Bluetooth Headset Details

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Word of Motorola's H700 Razr headset first emerged this summer, but Motorola called yesterday to say it's going to be on sale soon. Looks like pre-orders are being taken for around $114 (and it may already be up for grabs in the UK and Singapore). The specs on this folding Bluetooth 1.2 microphone? 6 hours of talk time and 130 hours standby, uses a Class 2 wireless connection good for up to 30 feet, and has a multifunction button to control things like 3-way calling, hold, call start/stop (and there are separate volume controls).

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The big thing Motorola wants to tell everyone about the H700, though, is how small it is. 30 percent smaller than its predecessor in size and weight. As per above, it will be available stateside before the end of the year.

Motorola H700 [Product Page]

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