Motorola L2 Cellphone Goes Pink All Up In Cingular's Grill

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Pink is the new black (which, in turn, is the old pink), so it's no surprise that Motorola's focus groups have pegged that delightful blend of red and white as the color du jour for the Motorola L2. Yup, that little almost-business cellphone is the latest gadget to get the pink makeover on Cingular, since girls are attracted to anything pink, be it skirts, oven mitts or average cellphones. For whatever reason, there's no camera in this pinkified cellphone (which might not be a bad thing after all), but it does support quad-band GSM, meaning that you or your girl can look like a fashion slave on more continents than is necessary. C'est magnifique!


Let's see, obvious market whoring on the part of Motorola and Cingular... check... cellphone with only just the bare essentials included... check... we've got a runner!

Pink Motorola L2 arrives on Cingular [infoSync World]

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