Motorola Teaser Vid for Upcoming Z12 Media Phone?

A Motorola teaser video popped up on YouTube, complete with people lugging around TVs, laptops, CDs and DVD players. The spot ends with the statement "It doesn't have to be this hard." Word on the 'nets is this vid is for Motorola's Z12 phone, which is said to have significant multimedia features (mobile video, 5 MP camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc...). Expect to hear more on this at 3GSM in Barcelona next week. [Electronista via Ubergizmo]


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Did Motorola pay an agency for this "concept" or was it home some random office buried way in the back of the marketing department? Either way, someone needs to tell the folks at big M that a "teaser" should tease and excite...not make people scratch their heads and yawn. Long, long, long for a really lame pay off. Hint: watch an ad from Apple, Target or the movie "Cloverfield" to get a quick lesson in "Teasers 101."