Motorola V361 Gets FCC Approval

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The Motorola V300 has come a long way since it debuted and now it's taken the form of the V361 which just got approved by the FCC. It's got a digital audio player that plays MP3 and AAC files which is quite a nice feature for a non-ROKR phone. Could this mean it will be compatible with the upcoming iRadio from Motorola? Maybe. It's got your basic camera, Bluetooth, and is EDGE capable. The V361 also packs all the basic stuff you'd expect from a cellphone these days like converters and alarms. An external memory card slot will be available as well, just no idea on which format yet. The V361 actually looks to be a decent phone that could be paired up excellently with the Motorola O ROKR. No word on a release date.


Motorola V361 GSM Cellphone [Mobile Whack]

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