Motorola Wants Some of That Windows Phone 7 Pie That Nokia's Eating

Sanjay Jha, Motorola's CEO, has commented that he wishes Motorola could get a similar deal to Nokia's with Microsoft, which sounds funny as the general opinion is that since they adopted Android, Motorola's got their shit together in recent years.

You can hardly say they're still in that same rut that they fell into a few years ago, and that Nokia's been in—and still in. Nonetheless, a big cash payment plus exclusive access to new versions of WP7 and the ability to customize it how they see fit...yeah, I can see why Jha is flushed with a green tinge right about now.


I doubt Microsoft (and Nokia) would be so keen to offer a similar deal to Motorola, but this isn't the first time Jha's said he's keen to explore working with Microsoft again, now that WP7 doesn't suck. I think this is one of those "stay tuned" moments. [SAI]


Be strong, Microsoft. I know you need marketshare, but Motoblur on WP7 is about the worst possible thing that can happen to you right now.