According to DigiTimes, MSI is going to be showing off a tablet next month at Computex. What it is: a 10-inch Atom-based system running Windows 7. What it's not: one of the Tegra 2 tablets we've been yearning for.


Other details are scarce—and DigiTimes isn't always the most reliable source—but it appears the Slatebook will have 3G and Wi-Fi built-in, will have ebook reader capabilities, and will come in at under $500. The Tegra 2 tablet (pictured above) is on the back burner, apparently, while MSI gauges market demand.

While MSI isn't one of the top volume manufacturers, it's worth looking closely at what kind of play they make here given the impact had early on in netbooks. And if they think Windows 7 tablets have the upper hand, well, I'm not going to disagree until I see one. Which, after HP pulled the plug on Slate in favor of a webOS tablet, may not be until whenever the Slatebook comes out. [DigiTimes]

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