Armed with an MSI Wind U115, 9-cell battery and some time, Johannes from Eee created what very well may be the Sting of netbooks. Stamina—er, battery life—was an astounding 25 hours.

This bests the already respectable 13-hour life of an MSI Wind armed with a 6-cell battery.


For his unofficial test, Johannes used Battery Eater set to its lowest setting. This is obviously as bare bones as you're going to get, so it's not unsurprising that he was able to achieve 25 hours, 4 minutes. However, even when you factor in what the time would have been if the netbook was being used for web surfing or other netbook-related tasks, you'd have to think the 9-cell would get 18 hours or so, as Liliputing suggests. [ via Liliputing]

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