Muji might no longer be that minimalist Japanese brand none of your friends know about, but that doesn't make its products any less cool. And if you've been holding off on buying a Bluetooth speaker until you found one that was less on the garish side, your hunt is over.

To some, Muji's new MJFSP-1 Bluetooth speaker might look like the boring beige PC towers of yesteryear, which have all but disappeared. But others will see it as the perfect way to bring a little music into their office without losing desk real estate, or having to stare at a neon-colored rubber-clad eyesore all day.


It's designed to camouflage itself amongst boxes of files on a shelf, only revealing its true identity through a yellow neon digital clock display. At around $127 it isn't outrageously expensive, but if you want stereo sound you're going to have to buy two of them. [Muji via Akihabara News]