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"Mummy, I Want That Little Girl Inside the Claw Machine"

Illustration for article titled Mummy, I Want That Little Girl Inside the Claw Machine

A two year old girl somehow crawled into one of those claw machines you often see in arcades—you know, with stuffed toys which you try and pick up with a claw—and had to be rescued by the fire-department.


Rescuing a girl from a toy machine is probably one of the stranger emergency calls made to Robinson Township's fire department in Pennsylvania, but Moon Run Fire Chief Paul Kashmer said she was "the cutest little girl," so presumably it wasn't too gruesome an effort, spending 15 minutes removing the girl from the machine.

Naturally, the girl's mother has taken to her pedestal on the various news circuits, urging shopping mall managers to haul the machines away, for fear of the same cute little catastrophe from happening again. Kashmer himself said the hole in the machine, which she crawled through, is large enough for two toddlers to squeeze inside—which would just make for an even sweeter jackpot for the winning gamer, surely. [WPXI]


Image Credit: Spookyamd

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People, it's called parenting. Kids manage to get into cars, start them, and throw them into reverse too - are we going to ask people to stop making cars?

Bottom line: what were mommy and daddy doing while the little one was crawling into the machine? I can't imagine, at the age of two, letting my son out of my sight long enough in a public place for him to even LOOK at the machine, let alone climb into the damn thing.

Parenting people - it's a privilege, not a right.