Music Is Dead. VH1 Is Going Behind the Tweet

For many a 90s kid, VH1's Behind the Music offered you your first glimpse into the rockstar lifestyle—highs, lows, laxatives, and all. But now that the internet has rendered us effectively dead inside, VH1's new parody series is giving us the only thing that matters any more: Twitter. Yup, it's time for Behind the Tweet.

The digital shorts take hard-hitting looks at some of the big(ish?) tweets of our time. Monumental moments like this, for instance:

Other investigative reports include peeks behind the short, hurried thoughts of George Ezra, notable non-Beyoncé Michele Williams, and comedy duo Key & Peele. And while some seem unsure of whether or not the series referring to Hannibal Buress as a "TV sex symbol" is being done in earnest, we assure you that this is very much a parody.


The bigger issue at hand is actually that I myself had this very same vision back in September.

VH1, I'll be waiting for my royalties check. [The Verge]

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