Music Video Megamart Vevo Might Find New Home at Facebook

Illustration for article titled Music Video Megamart Vevo Might Find New Home at Facebook

The go-to service for music videos on YouTube could be heading to Facebook of all places. Because we all know how well it works out when social networks become a place for musicians to hang out (*cough* MySpace).


According to CNET, Vevo has been talking to Facebook about leaving YouTube. The music video service has only been around for two years and already its video view uniques are second only to YouTube. Vevo has 43 million unique visitors a month, while YouTube as a whole has 130 million uniques. People really like music videos.

Vevo's deal with Google still has a year before it expires. And with Google Music not exactly taking off, the search giant should probably try to hold on to any music service it can. [CNET]



Maybe I'm in the minority around here, but I like Vevo. Yeah, they sometimes censor the songs, and that's annoying, but with all the copyright trolls around, it's the best way to actually watch a music video. Most other videos get taken down or edited so that YouTube's auto-detection doesn't catch them (sped up voices or horizontal flipping, both of which are annoying). So I like Vevo for being a place where videos can go without being removed, and thus I can be sure that if I find a video on Vevo, it's the official one and not some random guy making a GoPro montage to the song.

But Vevo on Facebook? No, thanks. No. I don't use Facebook for videos, and very rarely do I see any of my friends use Facebook for videos. It just doesn't belong there.