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The MusicGremlin in an interesting gadget, first unveiled in January at CES. A portable WiFi music player that gathers music from music services, rather than from your computer, it uses 802.11b networks and has an "embedded music store" from Musicnet that will let you download, store and share your tunes right through the player. It can also link wirelessly to other MusicGremlin-enabled products includes a Wi-Fi manager that automatically scans for and connects to local Wi-Fi hotspots.

The device that the company plans on putting out is called the MG-1000 and comes with an 8GB capacity. No price on that yet.


At the very least, it's good to see companies offering digital audio players that are trying to out-innovate the iPod in ways beyond basic design.

MusicGremlin Portable Wi-Fi Device [MusicGremlin]

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