Musician Finds Minor Fame by Stalking Google Street View Car

When Nate Heagy heard that the Google Street View team was coming to his town, he quickly hatched a plan to promote his band: He would stalk out the Street View van until he managed to get his picture taken.

Like any good stalker, Heagy was pretty organized about the entire affair. He made a sign to keep in his car so that he was ready to go the instant any of the individuals he'd recruited to watch out for the Street View van called him. In the end though, it was Heagy himself who spotted the Fame-mobile as he was nibbling on his lunch and he quickly hopped into his car, sped after the van, and figured out where it should turn next so that he could set up his sign at the right corner.


Nutty or not, I guess Heagy's plan worked since I couldn't resist extending his 15 minutes of Internet fame after seeing that Google Street View snapshot of his. Hell, the whole ploy worked so well that I'm even throwing up his band's music video:

[Fear Salesman via Neowin]

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