Musipen MP3 Player Surrounded by Lots of Screen

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Musipen is a cylindrical MP3 concept with a curved glowing screen, twisty-knob controls, and a pretty power button. There's a play/pause/off button up top, knobs to control everything else. Despite it being only a little bit bigger than a pen, this thing is all screen. Easy sell when it's hanging around the neck of a beautiful model:


So, we're on board with any design that takes us away from the tired MP3 Box dominating the industry now, especially when it looks so good. Nothing wrong with the box, but variety never hurt either.

When the designer was asked if the Musipen was coming soon or a ways off, he wrote:

It is merely a design study. The interface is designed to navigate within a large music collection, so by the time a flexible color screen of this kind is feasible to manufacture on a large scale I would hope a significant amount of storage would be viable in a unit of this scale (certainly 60gb+ at a minimum).


Okay, so this future talk doesn't sound promising. Good luck, Chris! Giz readers, don't hold your breath. [Anything But iPod via Ubergizmo]