Mustek P100D Portable TV

Never miss an episode of Things People Will Do For Money again with the Mustek P100D portable TV. This German-engineered TV comes with a DVB-T tuner, letting users in countries with such broadcasts tune in on-the-go. What's most impressive is the TV 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, making the PT100D ideal for sports events.

Perhaps you're at the stadium but have crummy seats. Just whip this out and watch the telecast on the 7" active matrix LCD. There's a car adapter included in the package, too, so you can quiet your noisy kids whilst on the road.


The PT100D has a few other things going for it, including the fact that the built-in speakers are actually stereo, a welcome move from the usual cost-cutting mono often seen in portable TVs. You can find it online for around $185.

Product Page [Mustek via Shiny Shiny]

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