My Box Office Screams

Here's one Christmas present we were hoping for - The Spirit's first day box office was... well, let's just say that Frank Miller's unmasterpiece made less than a third of the #1 movie. Gloating awaits.

Maybe it was the appalling reviews, or the unconvincing trailers. Perhaps a nation's theatergoers just realized that even Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories would be a better way of spending an evening. Whatever the reason, Miller's movie version of Will Eisner's classic comic earned only $3,825,000 on its first day of release, coming in below movies like The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button ($11,700,000), Tom Cruise's Nazi's Aren't All Bad Honest movie Valkyrie ($8,350,000) and the surprising hit of the day, Marley And Me ($14,600,000). It even ranked lower than movies that had been released last weekend (Yes Man and Seven Pounds, to be specific).


We can only hope that this poor opening - and presumed subsequent disappointing box office, as I can't see this movie suddenly becoming a hit based on word of mouth - means that TPTB will rethink their plan to let Miller recreate Buck Rogers for a new generation.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Why is it surprising that "Marley and Me" did well?

It's based on abest selling book and it has owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston and a dog. It's the only movie being marketed as a family movie (whether it is or not).

Sure, the only part of that I find appealing is the dog, but if I were a studio exec, I'd greenlight it without seeing the script.